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Cornwall Telecom provides small to medium enterprises
with cost effective IP calls services

VoIP (which stands for "voice over internet protocol" and is commonly referred to simply as an internet phone) is a highly cost effective and reliable way for businesses or even homeowners to make calls across the world or even just across town. The majority of major cable companies that offer bundled internet, television, and phone services already utilize this newer technology, but there are tons of other independent companies that specialize in providing this service to their customers at reasonable rates and with tons of extra features.

2M+ Minutes Burnt / Day
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About Us
Cornwall is a European VoIP company established by a team of skillful specialists. We are dedicated to providing high quality international routes and efficient VoIP GSM equipment for termination

Our Solutions & Cooperations offer
Cornwall aims to become the bridge between and platform for traffic suppliers and VoIP termination market.

  • High profits

  • Low call rates

  • Reliable equipment

  • Complete software solution

Cornwall Telecom make comprehensive solutions available for the market of VoIP technology and telecommunications. We have at our disposal an effective communications ecosystem with the ability to secure competitive price.

Cornwall network is deployed in such a way that it can directly connect our clients from the nearest point of presence so the communication is done with minimum latency and higher voice quality.

Our goal is to provide the high-end routes to transmit voice traffic, which will allow market participants to increase profits operating in the field of VoIP telecommunications.

Hear from our valuable partners

  • We have been working with Cornwall Telecom for more than 4 years. Very good company, punctual in payments and provides very good quality.
    Anna Vardanyan
    Account Representative, Fortis Communications
  • Sigma Telecom expresses gratitude to Cornwall employees for the quality work in the field of VoIP. High qualification and competence of the company's specialists is able to solve the tasks in a timely, qualitative and accessible manner.
    Valeria Nakonechnikova
    Account Manager, Sigma Telecom